There are a few things that need to be stated regarding this help desk, so they are clarified.

This help desk is built on a different platform than GKM; they are not the same site, but this help desk is built for questions and information regarding the God's Kingdom Ministries site (

This help desk is hosted on a subdomain of a different server; which means when our server (the one hosting GKM) goes down for any reason, including updates, this one will not be affected by it. That being said, this server (the one for this help desk) will also have to go down for updates, etc, at unforeseeable times; but again, since it is hosted on a different server than GKM, those updates will not affect GKM in terms of down-time. Side note: We are not the owners of the server that this help desk is hosted on. It is hosted and maintained by a separate 3rd party. Please bookmark this help desk, and remember that you have it bookmarked in the event that GKM goes offline, so we can stay in contact.

The old way of contacting support worked perfectly fine, but it lacked organization, and that's why we chose to go with an actual platform for a help desk. Before we were using emails, which would get jumbled and lost. With this help desk, it creates a ticket for each user, which helps immensely with keeping track of which items have been answered, and which ones still need to be answered, as well as giving a history of previously asked/answered questions. It also allows the users to track their previously submitted questions.

The platform that we chose for this help desk is called Freshdesk, and we chose it for a few reasons.

  1. The setup was the most simple of the help desks that we looked at.
  2. The easy-to-use and clean interface was the best of the ones we looked at.
  3. It has many great features for being a free service.
  4. It solves our previously stated "organization issue".

This help desk is part of our continued effort to make GKM as user-friendly as possible; allowing users to get help efficiently. There are guides on how to submit a question/ticket, and various other topics. We will continue to add more as the need arises.